About Peter Bouchard of Maine

About Peter Bouchard:

Peter Bouchard

Peter Bouchard and Dick Cheney

Peter Bouchard is a native of Maine.  He began a career working in the telecommunications industry after graduating from college, with tenures at AT&T and Sprint.  He founded New England Payphone in 1988, and by 1993, his company owned 5% of all the payphones in the United States.  After a trip to London, Mr. Bouchard saw cellphones and realized they were the way of the future. After a stint running a successful software company, Peter Bouchard reentered the telephone industry with a venture called Pioneer Telephone.  Pioneer Telephone started as a regional telephone company in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  After four years, the company expanded nationwide.  Now they are serving all 50 states and handle billions of calls every years. Major publications like TV Guide, The Wall Street Journal, CBS Market Watch, and others have written about Peter Bouchard and Pioneer Telephone.  Most publications call Pioneer Telephone of Maine one of the best telephone companies for consumers. Outside of his activities with Pioneer, Peter Bouchard is also active in real estate.  He has worked on condo projects for the 55+ population in several New England cities. Peter Bouchard’s passions include working with charitable organizations, spending time with his family, collecting muscle cars, hiking, and traveling.  He is also passionate about Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts and currently is the commissioner of the Combat Sports Authority of Maine. Besides being a commissioner for the Combat Sports Authority of Maine, Peter Bouchard volunteers his time to a number of organizations.  He is a trustee at Boston Baptist College, a board member for the “Smokin Joe” Frazier Foundation, a board member for the Maine Connections Academy Charter School, a previous board member for the Greater Portland Christina School (k-12), and previous president of Broadway Condo Association.  He was awarded Best Business Person of 2005 distinction by the Congress of the United states.


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